KillaCycle Sets a New Electric Motorcycle Record

Bill Dube’s Killacycle has been setting electric motorcycle speed records on the dragstrip for quite some time now, but Dube emailed me this morning to make sure I knew about his latest zero-emissions feat: 7.864 seconds at 169 mph. How fast is that, exactly? As fast as a Porsche Boxster convertible with the pedal pressed all the way to the floor. And it’s fast enough to make KillaCycle the fastest electric vehicle in the world.

If that’s not fast enough, Dube reports that the KillaCycle team has got its hands on the most powerful batteries on the planet. They’re also reducing the weight of they bike and increasing horsepower to 560 hp — more than a Ferrari F430.

Congrats to the KillaCycle team on raising the bar for EVs even higher.

Photo of Scotty Pollachek riding KillaCycle at Portland International Raceway in July 2009 by Kristen Hall-Geisler.

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