Arcimoto’s Three-Wheeled Electric Pulse

Arcimoto of Eugene, Oregon, revealed its three-wheeled electric vehicle last week, called the Pulse. It may look like low-speed neighborhood electric vehicles of recent years, but this little guy can go a bit fast and a bit farther than many three-wheeled EVs.

The Arcimoto Pulse is a two-seater with a range of 50-100 miles, depending on terrain and speed, and a top speed of 55 mph. It can charge at a standard U.S. 110-volt outlet in six hours.

The car isn’t quite ready for the road yet, but Arcimoto is taking preorders. $500 will hold a place in line for a car that’s expected to come in under $20,000 when it rolls off the assembly line in Eugene in Fall 2010. If you take a look at the Pulse and decide it’s not for you, the company will refund $450 of the deposit. If it is for you, and you want to trick it all out with more power and a schmancy radio, they can do that, too.

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    Thanks for the posting! As you said, we’re taking pre-orders now and expect to sell out of our first years production soon. The range of 50-100 actually depends on the battery pack you choose. The under $20K price tag comes with a 50 mile range and a 55mph top speed. However, if you choose to fancy it up with extra features, the 100 mile range is one of those upgrades. If you have any more questions or need any more information, we have lots of FAQs and a forum for discussion on our site.

    Katie Wilson-Hamaker

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