World’s Biggest Electric Delivery Truck Coming Tuesday

Smith Electric Vehicles U.S. will deliver its first little fleet of big electric delivery trucks next week. The Newton, as the truck is called, can do 50 mph for 150 miles — much farther than most passenger electric vehicles. It also weighs seven and a half tons — about the weight of four Zap Xebra electric trucks.

The trucks are built in Kansas City, but the official hand-off will take place on the steps of the Capital building in Washington, DC, according to Smith Electric Vehicles U.S. is an offshoot of Smith Electric Vehicles, the British outfit that also makes the Edison and Amphere electric vehicles.

Which lucky companies get the first round of Newtons? Coca-Cola, Frito0Lay, AT&T, Staples, Pacific Gas and Electric, and Kansas City Power and Light. Find out Tuesday how many Newtons each company receives.

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