World’s First Electric Jet Ski

I know on first glance that putting an electric jet ski in the water seems like a bad idea, but the folks at ECO Watercraft swear that riders of it battery-powered personal watercraft won’t end up fried. The batteries and motor will be sealed for safety.

According to the company’s web site, a seven-hour ride on a two-stroke jet ski emits “more pollution than an old model car driving 100,000 miles.” Like all EVs, the ECO Watercraft will be zero-emissions. Since it runs cleaner and quieter than even four-stroke jet skis, the ECO Watercraft should be able to run in areas where gasoline-powered jet skis are banned.

ECO Watercraft also promises to build its products in a facility powered by renewable energy and to hold “green” workshops. Details on this facility — and the jet ski itself — are scarce, as the company is still developing the product. No word even on when the EV jet ski will hit the market, but keep your eyes peeled.

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