First Mini E Tester Gets Himself a Blog

The first person in the U.S. to take delivery of the Mini E electric car, Peter Trepp, was kind enough — and smart enough — to set up a blog to satisfy our curiousity about his experience. Trepp picked up Mini E number 111 on May 24, and he gets to keep it for real-word testing for exactly one year.

After 81 miles, he’d charged the car twice (saying it was “very easy”), but was coy about his top speed. He does say he’s getting 95-100 miles per charge, which is impressive compared to many of the EVs on the road today. Trepp says he can do better, though, once he smoothes out his driving and stops driving like a guy with a new car.

Mini/BMW asked Trepp to make himself and his tester available for the media, and he’s doing just that. It’ll be interesting to keep reading his blog when the newness of the E wears off and he starts experiencing whatever quirks come up in using it as a daily driver.

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  1. mlgreen8753’s avatar

    So this is a BMW? I wonder if it’s more efficient than the M6? I just saw a BMW video advertisement for one on Adwido and it looks like the better car.