Audi, Facebook, and the Nature Conservancy to Reduce Carbon

As part of the German carmaker’s promotional effort for its clean diesel engines, Audi will donate $1 to the Nature Conservancy’s carbon offset program for every Facebook user who joins the program, up to $25,000.

Audi TDI clean diesels reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 20% and increase fuel efficiency by up to 30% over gasoline-powered cars, according to the company. “Audi’s contribution will provide necessary support to our voluntary carbon offset program’s reforestation and forest protection projects, but it will also help us to bring the benefits of the project to a new audience of supporters,” said Zoe Kant of the Nature Conservancy in a press release.

If you’re a Facebook user and you want to take part in the program to offset your own carbon emissions and get that extra $1 donation per person from Audi, visit

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  1. Mark’s avatar

    That’s great to hear about Audi and its clean diesel push. Diesel technology has really come along way and is now a viable option for people looking to be eco-friendly. According to, the EPA has said that if 1/3 of Americans drove diesel cars, we would save 1.5 million barrels of oil a day. Now that’s something to think about.