Plug-In Piaggio Scooter to Be Sold in U.S.

Italian scooter builder Piaggio (owner of both Piaggio and Vespa brands) confirmed this month that its three-wheeled plug-in gas-electric hybrid scooter will go on sale  in the U.S. in early 2010. The Piaggio MP3 hybrid, which has two closely mounted front wheels and one rear wheel, will have a range of “several” EV-only miles, and an overall range of 141 miles with the help of a small gasoline engine.

Piaggio CEO Paolo Timoni told that the MP3 will have a 125 cc engine and an electric motor (size unspecified) that can be charged at a standard 110v outlet. It will also have regenerative braking capabilities and “several adjustable hybrid modes.” says to expect the price to be in the neighborhood of the current cream of the MP3 crop, just under $10,000.

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