Nissan’s EV Network at Fast Food Joints

Nissan North America wants to put fast food to good use — by starting a nationwide EV charging network in their parking lots. (Seems like Sweden is leading the way here.) The way Nissan figures, 30 minutes on a commercial charger (rather than you 110V outlets at home) could give batteries up to an 80% charge. That’s about the time it takes to order, take a seat, get your food, scarf it down, and make a quick trip to the rest room before continuing on your merry, electrified way.

Customers would pay for the electricity at the curbside charger with a credit card. Drivers who need to top off for free might be able to do so at Nissan dealerships. The company is asking its sellers to install recharging stations as a courtesy for drivers just passing through.

Why does Nissan care so much? Well, they’ve got plans to get a five-seat EV sedan with a 100-mile range into showrooms by 2012. Without an easy-to-use infrastructure, the venture may be dead in the water. The company hopes the charging network will expand to workplace parking and shopping center parking, like malls and movie theaters. Maybe theaters could bring back the double feature so movie-goers can get a full charge.

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