Motor Oil Goes Green (But Not Vegan)


Green Earth Technologies has created a fat-based, biodegradeable motor oil called G-Oil. It’s the first non-fossil-fuel, non-synthetic motor oil to earn certification from the American Petroleum Institute, meaning it meets the organization’s standards for use in gasoline engines.

Vegetarians may want to stop reading now, because I’m going to tell you where the fat comes from: livestock. According to Green Earth Technologies, “it takes three barrels of crude oil to make one barrel of motor oil, but it only takes one barrel of animal fat to produce one barrel of G-Oil.”

The API-certified motor oil is 5W-30 weight; the company is seeking certification for its 10W-30 and 5W-20 weight oils as well. The 5W-30 stuff will be on retail shelves in June, but bulk oil will be supplied to quickie lubes “much sooner,” according to GET.

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