Ford’s First EV Available in 2010

Ford Transit Connect

Ford announced last December that it would have an EV on the market in 2010, and we now know that this EV will be the light-duty delivery van called the Transit Connect.

The gasoline version of the van hits North America this year, with a sticker price of $21,475; there’s been no word on how the battery-electric vehicle version of the Transit Connect will compare, price-wise. The same van will be available worldwide, part of the company’s “One Ford” initiative to stop making thirty versions of one model for different markets around the globe.

The electric powertrain will come from Smith Electric Vehicles, the European leader in converting commercial vehicles to battery power. The little van that could is expected to have a range of up to 100 miles per charge, and to cater to stop-and-go delivery driving situations.

Image of the gasoline-powered 2010 Ford Transit Connect at the 2009 Chicago auto show courtesy of Ford.

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  1. Stan Wellaway’s avatar

    For anyone who hadn’t heard of Smith until now, it is worth taking a look at the Case Studies page of their website

    Smith have been making electric vehicles for over 85 years, in which time they’ve quietly deliverd tens of thousands of them worldwide. They are sponsoring the Green Pavilion at the Work Truck Show in Chicago next month (3-6 March) and will be marketing their 7.5ton Newton model in the US this summer.

  2. Stan Wellaway’s avatar

    Incidentally, in Europe there is a car version of the Ford Transit Connect. See image at

    It would be good to see an electric version of that also made available. But I guess that’s only likely if enough interested viewers demand it – and so far its existence has not been heavily promoted!