Speed EVs: Battery Beach Burnout ‘09

Battery Beach Burnout 2009

Electric vehicles have a reputation for being the pokey little puppies of the automotive world, and not without reason. The neighborhood electric vehicles that are available today generally go 35 mph for about 30 miles. Hardly fast enough to muss your hair. That’s where events like the 2009 Battery Beach Burnout in Jupiter, Florida, come in.

The EVs, plug-in EVs, and hybrids that meet at Florida Atlantic University February 21 and 22, 2009, will blow past the slow stereotype. Organizers have acceleration testing, autocross, and more on the docket for participants, plus a ride-and-drive event to give the public a chance to try out what may be an unfamiliar powerplant.

The addition of plug-in EVs and hybrids is new this year, as is a separate vendor area near the event field. The Florida Electric Auto Association is hosting the burnout, and will of course include a show-n-shine for EV owners. There’s no reason for the long-standing tradition of spiffing up your car to impress the ladies to die with the combustion engine.

  • What: Battery Beach Burnout 2009
  • Who: Florida Electric Auto Association
  • Where: Florida Atlantic University, Jupiter, FL
  • When: February 21-22

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