Get the Lead Out: Using Steel Weights to Balance Tires

If you live in the western United States, you know Les Schwab Tire Centers. They’re everywhere. And, thanks to the eco-consciousness of the states were Les Schwab does business, the company is phasing out the lead weights used to balance tires and substituting steel.

Two years ago, Les Schwab started working with suppliers to get the toxic lead weights out of the tires used on passenger vehicles and light trucks. The tires with lead weights will be used first, but the company expects to be fully stocked with steel-weight tires by the middle of 2009. Les Schwab has more than 400 locations in seven western states, so a change there can have an impact on the industry and the environment.

In addition to the steel weights, Les Schwab is a major tire retreader and recycler, as well as one of Oregon Business magazines “Best Places to Work.”

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