“Kill Bill” Trans Am to Be an EV

Darryl Hannah is at it again. Hollywood’s eco-warrior extraordinaire (and actress) plans to convert Elle Driver’s 1980 T-top Trans Am from gasoline to electric power. It’s like my two favorite things melding into one: the Quentin Tarantino two-part modern-day samurai flick “Kill Bill” and alternative-powered automobiles. Maybe they could program the horn to play that song Elle whistles as she walks down the hallway in her nurse’s uniform to kill The Bride.

Hannah recently auctioned off her biodiesel-powered El Camino, so she has some experience with converting ’70s iron to new-millenium power. The trouble with the Trans Am will be its weight. EVs are typically tiny and light, neither of which describe the black American road hog from the film. The batteries will be under a lot of stress to power such heavy car, and Hannah admits in the Denver Post that she doesn’t expect it to have much of a range.

The power she’ll use to charge up the car will be as clean as it gets, though. Hannah says she’ll use her own solar power (as opposed to her more ethereal star power) from her off-the-grid Colorado ranch.

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