EVs Get a Theme Song

Los Angeles-based songwriter Trudee Lunden is using her rock-n-roll powers for good rather than evil. Check out her MySpace page and listen to the song “Electricity.” Though it is not one whit like the song about electricity that used to play on “School House Rock” when I was a wee girl, it is the first and so far only song I’ve heard about electric vehicles.

The song is performed by co-writer Tom Fair “Extraordinaire” and includes subtle lyrics like “let’s keep building electric cars” and “Electricity charging up my battery.” It name-checks Tesla and Aptera, both companies at the cutting edge of EV technology. This places the tune in the pantheon of songs devoted to the cars one loves, like “Little Deuce Coupe” and “Little Red Corvette.” Though I don’t know that anyone has penned an ode called “Unleaded Gasoline” yet.

If I’m being persnickety, I did find a safety issue in the lyrics. If an EV driver, especially one new to the technology, put the pedal down and pushed it hard, as suggested by “Electricity,” they’d be riding a whole lot of torque. Not much of a problem in your Zap Xebra NEV, but a big deal when you can finally get into a Tesla.

Photo by flod.

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