Fosh Auto EV a No-Show

Photo by Leo ReynoldsLast week, the Internets were abuzz with the marketing hype of Fosh Automotive, which promised to unveil an EV with self-regenerating batteries and an unlimited range. I emailed the company and was told to cool my jets — all would be revealed on Monday, August 18, but it had something to do with “solar like” panels and regenerative braking.

Monday came, and the curtains on the Web site stayed closed. It seems that Fosh has had some television interest, so they delayed the unveiling of this perpetual motion machine they’re calling the EVT-3 until next Monday, August 25. And Fosh’s predicted price of $25,000 is out the window, too. Estimated MSRP of the EVT-3 is over $50,000 now.

There are forums on the site, and posters seem none too happy to be shunned for television cameras. Post headings include “Why Not Show the Demo Video Now?” and “Ok good joke now where is the real car”. The FAQ says the on-sale date is November 28, 2008, but we probably shouldn’t hold our breath.

If the EVT-3 works as promised, it could be revolutionary. But Fosh’s false start isn’t inspiring confidence so far.

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  1. Bo Bennett’s avatar

    Hi Guys, I would suggest you remove that posing about FOSH. Their scam worked. Google is full of articles about them with their URL, and unsuspecting EV enthusiasts will be visiting their propaganda site for years to come. I will actually be editing the former podcast we did when we talked about them. Just a suggestion. Keep up the great work!

  2. kristen’s avatar

    I don’t think we’ll take the post down, since anyone who clicks through the Google results to read this page will find out that Fosh seems to be less than sincere, and is certainly less than forthcoming with their miracle machine.

    Did anyone else notice that the official web site hasn’t been updated yet? Nor could I find the promised TV coverage Monday afternoon.